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DeckRevive is a one-of-a-kind polymer coating that resurfaces and restores aging wood decks, walkways, steps and more, allowing you to enjoy your existing structure for years!
DockRevive is a durable, environmentally friendly coating specifically formulated for resurfacing wood docks, ramps, steps, boardwalks and more. Color choice is unlimited, just add one gallon of ANY solid color acrylic latex stain to the kit.


How is your product different from a stain or paint?
Wood surfaces are typically the most difficult to coat and that is why there are numerous products on the market. Stains and sealers are designed to be absorbed into the wood and are not designed to provide a new surface. DeckRevive and DockRevive are designed with a special polymer to be absorbed into the wood like a stain or sealer, but also to provide you with a safe, skid resistant new surface.  There are other products in the marketplace that are only capable of providing a surface bond. Most products fail because they are unable to provide proper pentration into the wood fibers.
What kind of experts have been involved in the development of DeckRevive?
DeckRevive was developed by a team of experts in the fields of  polymer, paint, and concrete development.  The team members have over 30 years of experience in their respective fields.  Extensive laboratory and field testing was done in environments that simulated real world conditions.  All of our dry ingredients are mixed at a special facility in Georgia that uses 20 ton ribbon blenders.  All of our mixes are lot coded and tested before shipping from our warehouse.
What colors are available?
All you need to do is add 1 gallon of exterior latex or Acrylic Solid deck stain to our product. The color pallet is endless since you can have the base tinted to any color.
Are the colors exact or does the mix alter the color?
The colors are quite true, but if you use a dark color it may lighten the shade just a tiny bit.
Does DockRevive come in a clear product so that I can see the grain of the wood?
You will need to add a solid color in order for the product to look right. The special polymer dries clear but the dry mix will not look very good when it dries. Most older deck boards are beyond their life for a stain application and that is why resurfacing with a solid color is the perfect choice. Your deck boards will look similar to a new composite deck when finished.
What about the nails and screws?
We recommend that you fill any nail or screw holes with our new PermaCaulk to allow yourself a cosmetically smooth surface. Older nails and screws tend to leach rust. Our Polymers lock in rust and an inhibitor is not needed. Similar products have shown to increase rusting.
What kind of preparation is needed?
We simply recommend a good pressure washing to remove any loose material from your wood surface. DeckRevive is water-based so any previous stains or sealers that were oil based need to be sanded down prior to applying our product. It is very important that you do not use a paint stripper prior to using DeckRevive since these products contain solvents that will penetrate into the wood and prevent the DeckRevive from bonding properly. Make sure the deck is dry for at least 48 hours and that there will be no rain or freezing temperatures within 24hours of application. We also recommend that you apply our special bonding agent called PermaBond that will absorb deep into the wood for stronger adhesion.
When can I begin using my deck?
DeckRevive is designed to cure rapidly and so it will be able to handle light traffic within 4 hours. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours prior to moving any heavy furniture or allowing heavy traffic.
What life expectancy will I see?
With proper preparation and application you should expect to get 5-7 years initially. We do recommend using our PermaBond bonding agent with your first application. To further extend the life of your deck, a maintenance coat is recommended within the first or second year.
Any other benefits?
Gulf Synthetics is American Made and American Owned. DeckRevive is safe for the environment and will actually lock in any harmful chemicals that are in pressure treated wood. This will allow your children and pets to play safely and they will not be exposed to the harmful chemicals used to treat or get splinters from pressure treated wood. You will also help to reduce the amount of chemically treated wood that finds it way into our landfills. This product is VOC free and is fire retardant. Always follow the directions that are enclosed with all of our products.